Nominee 2021

The Improvement Association

Serial Productions (The New York Times)

Former President Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” is shot through a local lens as Serial Productions examines “a true story about election fraud” in Bladen County, North Carolina, and reveals the racial fault lines and coded messages at the heart of discussions about electoral legitimacy.


Network/Station/Platform:  The New York Times. Executive Producer:  Julie Snyder. Managing Editor:  Neil Drumming. Senior Editor:  Nancy Updike. Executive Editor:  Julie Snyder. Associate Producer/Producer:  Amy Pedulla. Writers:  Nancy Updike, Zoe Chace. Reporter/Correspondent:  Zoe Chace. Photography:  Jeremy M. Lange. Design and Technical Staff:  Matt Tierney, Stowe Nelson, Ben Tousley, Jason Fujikuni, Hanah Ho. Original Score:  Kwame Brandt-Pierce. Sound Design & Mix:  Phoebe Wang.