Winner 1988

Impeachment of Evan Mecham

KTAR Radio

In 1988 a most unusual political event occurred-a sitting governor was impeached in Arizona. While all of the state’s radio and television stations reported the main events of the story, one station covered the entire story. KTAR Radio performed an extraordinary public service by devoting significant resources to coverage of Governor Mecham’s removal from office. Through news programs, call-in shows, and, finally, gavel-to-gavel coverage of the impeachment trial, the station framed events for listeners so they could understand what was happening. Arizona citizens received a lesson in democracy-in-action courtesy of producers Bob Christopher, Dennis Lambert and Diane Bonilla and the station is recognized for covering an important story so thoroughly. For service above and beyond what is normally expected, a Peabody to KTAR Radio for The Impeachment of Evan Mecham.