The Immigration Problem

KNX NewsRadio

A vast wave of immigrants, mostly from Mexico, move illegally into southern California each year in search of jobs. In the process some are victimized by “border bandits” and others are often exploited by employers. These illegal aliens impact on the political, social and cultural life of the region. Coinciding with the development of new federal legislation, KNX Newsradio committed hundreds of hours of air time to coverage of the immigration problem. This included a number of documentary reports, more than 200 legislative updates from their Washington reports, and a special one-hour broadcast just prior to House passage of the reform bill. When the trend in radio seems to be toward less sport news coverage and shorter news stories KNX Newsradio provided extensive in-depth coverage of a story with definite impact on its community. For initiative and persistence in covering a long term story, a Peabody to KNX Newsradio.