Individual 1980

Personal Award: Elaine Green for “The Hoskins Interview”

WCPO-TV, Elaine Green

Crime touches the lives of many Americans, often in a highly disturbing and personal way. Elaine Green of WCPO-TV, Cincinnati, Ohio, had no inkling of the danger that awaited her and her associates as she returned from a routine assignment. A gunman, having just committed murder, forced Ms. Green to admit him to a station’s studios. Demonstrating considerable professional skill as a reporter, considerable coolness at a time of great danger, and considerable insight into the possibilities which might ensue, Ms. Green conducted a searching interview with the gunman. Her gripping encounter was recorded on videotape and later broadcast on WCPO-TV. It was television journalism of considerable magnitude and, despite the inherent difficulties, Ms. Green established herself as a real professional, giving electronic journalism one of its finest hours. For this exceptional effort, a Peabody Award to Elaine Green.