Winner, Interactive 2023

The Hidden History of Racism in New York City

Gen Z Historian, Urbanist Live

Social media creators often wonder how to make history trend. Kahlil Greene, in his collaboration with Ariel Viera, shows how it’s done with The Hidden History of Racism in New York City, a six-part micro-documentary series touring parts of New York that exist, in part, because of historical incidents of race-based violence. Greene and Viera take us to Wall Street, where we learn that the wall in its name was built by slaves. Then north to Lincoln Center and Central Park, where Black and Brown neighborhoods were demolished to make way for new developments. The series combats the rampant disinformation on social media that dismisses how race continues to shape our history. It is a shining example of the power of digital collaboration, combining Greene’s extensive and incisive histories of race with Viera’s urban tours. For utilizing social video to share powerful truths in an innovative format, The Hidden History of Racism in New York City wins a Peabody Award. 


Creator: Kahlil Greene. Director: Ariel Viera. Editor: Ariel Viera.