Winner 1992

The Health Quarterly: The AIDS Report Series


During its deliberations, the Peabody Board encountered literally dozens of programs that attempted to address the AIDS epidemic. This series stands out for its reasoned approach and sensitive production. With care and compassion, executive producer Renata Simone, along with producers Michael Penland, Noel Buckner, and Robert Whittelsey have probed the concerns of teenagers, elicited thoughtful advice for the President, and in one of the most moving segments the Board has seen, introduced us to Gloria, a remarkable eight-year-old girl from Harlem who discovered the truth of her dad’s illness from television. The mutual respect demonstrated by the youthful subjects and the quality of their support for each other is striking. The Health Quarterly is a valuable contribution to the current discussion on improving the health care system in this country. For a series of critical importance and an episode of compelling intensity, a Peabody to The Health Quarterly: The AIDS Report Series.