Winner 2009

The Derrion Albert Beating

FOX Chicago News: WFLD-TV and

In September 2009, honor student Derrion Albert was beaten to death in broad daylight on a city sidewalk only four blocks from his high school. He might well have become another faceless murder statistic had not WFLD-TV obtained a video showing the brutal attack in detail. WFLD got national attention for the horrifying footage, but the station’s far greater feat was its comprehensive follow-up reporting about the murder suspects going through the legal process, the frequency of such violence and possible solutions. The station used its website to complement its on-air coverage and ensure transparency about every step of its reporting, starting with how and where it obtained the video. And the station’s news managers showed exemplary concern for the potential impact of the video on young viewers. For covering grim news with thoroughness, diligence and restraint, a Peabody Award goes to WFLD-TV’s coverage of The Derrion Albert Beating.


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