“The Case Against Women: Sexism in the Courts” as Presented on “NPR’s Horizons”

National Public Radio

In this illuminating documentary presented on National Public Radio’s Horizons, producer, writer and reporter Helen Borten focuses on how women fare as defendants and plaintiffs in cases involving allegations of child abuse or neglect. The disturbing revelations illustrate the tendency of some judges and attorneys to accord less credibility to the claims and testimony of women. The Case Against Women: Sexism in the Courts presents considerable statistical and anecdotal evidence that by denying women equal treatment, family courts may be breaking up families, violating federal and state laws and harming the very children they are supposed to protect. For shining a light on this hidden problem, a Peabody to The Case Against Women: Sexism in the Courts.


Executive Producers: Bill Buzenberg, Donna Limerick. Producer: Helen Borten. Writer/Narrator: Helen Borten.