Winner 1998

The Bear

TVC and Channel 4

Computer-generated animation and a frenetic, flashy, fast-paced production style have come to characterize much of children’s television. The Bear, an enchanting and magical animated tale directed by Hilary Audus, with executive producer Paul Madden, art director Joanna Harrison, and producer John Coates, reminds us that the greatest children’s programs are often wordless, patient, and uncomplicated. The Bear is simply a beautiful film that presents a timeless story about wonder and love, with equal appeal to children and adults. Based on the Raymond Briggs storybook, The Bear is lushly animated and is presented with a lyrical musical score. The combination provides a treat for both the eyes and the ears. The story’s messages of love, forgiveness, and the liberating power of freedom are timeless and truly hold international appeal. In awarding this Peabody to TVC and Channel 4, we are reminded that in this complicated age, the very best of television programs for children do not necessarily require elaborate special effects. A good story, lovingly illustrated, will do very nicely. For providing this timely reminder, a Peabody goes to TVC and Channel 4 for The Bear.