Winner 1969

The Advocates

WGBH-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, KCET-TV, Los Angeles, California

To station WGBH of Boston and station WCET of Los Angeles, a Peabody Award for The Advocates, a 39-week series of bold, invigorating debates of crucial issues carried over the National Educational Television Network. It was the belief of the executive editor, Roger Fisher, that in a courtroom atmosphere such controversial problems as abortion, smog versus the auto, the use of marijuana, or the danger of offshore drilling could be dramatized and reasonably, if hotly, discussed; it was the responsibility of Gregory Harney, the executive producer of The Advocates, to confront the viewer with the contending points of view and rousingly to involve the public’s participation. Both have succeeded in this altogether worthy program. In recognition, a Peabody Award for television education.