Institutional 1989

Institutional Award: Metropolitan Opera Saturday Afternoon Broadcasts


It is altogether fitting that we share the Peabody golden anniversary celebration with another broadcast institution: the Texaco-Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts. On December 8, 1989, with its 971st broadcast, the Met moved into its second half-century of opera on the airwaves. The partnership between an American corporation and one of our most treasured cultural resources is a model of corporate support for the arts. For five decades, Texaco has fulfilled its commitment to excellence in radio programming. It has never wavered in its support. It has always kept its sustaining announcements brief and restrained. For its part, the Met Opera has been continually innovative in its presentation. Sound quality is excellent, performances are first-rate, and the entertaining intermissions have become outstanding programs in their own right. For 50 years of enriching Saturdays, a Peabody Award to the Texaco-Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts.