Winner 2002

Terror on Tape


It is one thing to imagine the processes of planning for terrorist tactics. It is quite another to see the process. In Terror on Tape, CNN Reporter Nic Robertson presents and analyzes videotapes made inside the Al Qaeda organization for purposes of instruction, for announcing operations, or to record meetings directed by Osama Bin Laden. Recovered by Robertson, who relied on sources developed through years of reporting from Afghanistan, these training tapes show a range of frightening activities. We see chemical weapons being tested on dogs. We review the presentation of detailed instructions on the production of TNT. We are made aware of carefully outlined and rehearsed strategies for taking hostages and carrying out assassinations. These materials are not presented merely to excite or alarm. Rather, Robertson takes pains to see that the content of the tapes is thoroughly discussed and placed in context by appropriate experts. For bringing to light and analyzing previously undiscovered materials that provide a chilling view of life and work inside a terrorist organization, a Peabody Award goes to Terror on Tape.