Winner 1995

Target Seven: Armed and Angry


A report on the militia movement in United States, this is a first-rate investigative effort by a local television station. WXYZ-TV’s news team, led by reporter Shellee Smith, producer Barry Cutler, photographer Mike Kalush and editor Hector Heath, crossed state lines to investigate the Montana Militia and its connection to national and local organizations. These reports followed investigations by WXYZ-TV into the Michigan Militia organization, which were brought to viewers’ attention long before the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City. In Armed and Angry, militia members reveal their unswerving belief that incidents such as the siege at Ruby Ridge and the inferno in Waco are manifestations of a federal government conspiracy. The four-part series includes a segment which traces the connection between the white supremacist organization Aryan Nation and the Montana Militia. By carefully investigating the militia movement, WXYZ-TV provides insights into a very real threat to our government and its people. A Peabody goes to WXYZ-TV for Target-7: Armed and Angry.