Surviving R. Kelly

Kreativ Inc. for Lifetime

Lifetime’s explosive Surviving R. Kelly, a six-part documentary series, exposed decades-worth of alleged sexual misconduct and abuse of underage girls and young women of color by the R&B superstar when it premiered in January of 2019. Chronicling the complicity of a music industry that enabled Kelly, the series showed how fans turned a blind eye to multiple allegations as the singer rose to staggering heights of fame. Kelly seemed untouchable until the production caused a national outcry and refocused attention on the man behind the gold records. Women who were formerly dismissed, paid off, or rendered silent bravely came forward to tell their stories. Their emotional testimonials are woven into a timely and impactful narrative from a team led by dream hampton. Shortly after the series aired, the singer was dropped by his longtime record label and picked up by law enforcement, and currently is being held in a Chicago jail on charges that include child pornography and the sexual exploitation of children. The singer is also facing federal charges in New York and has plead not guilty in both states. For its exploration of the power of celebrity and the double standard of justice around gender and race, and for effecting change, Surviving R. Kelly earns a Peabody.


Showrunner: dream hampton. Executive Producers: Joel Karsberg, dream hampton, Tamra Simmons, Jesse Daniels, Brie Miranda Bryant. Co-Executive Producers: Jessica Everleth, Maria Pepin, Mary Bissell. Supervising Producers: Charlotte Glover, Laura Hoeppner. Line Producer: Angela Liao. Producer: Allison Brandin. Story Editor: Astral Finnie. Editors: Justin Goll, Diana Jenkins, Kyle Schadt, Dave Henry, Tia Hoover, Jon Teboe, Dan Zimmerman, Tamara Friedman, Candace Kregg, Jane McCord, Dominique Ulloa, Jared Aston, Robert Landau, Jensen Rufe, Sam Citron, Masa Matsuda, Stephanie Neroes, Rachel Cushing, LaRonda Morris, Daysha Broadway, Bradinn French, Stephanie Lyra, Stephanie Filo, Michael Griffin, Trevor Carlee. Cinematography: Andrei Cranach, Shane Daly, Guido Frenzel, Matthew Hutchens, Jesse Lirola, Colin Morvan, Brandon Riley, Ian Serfontein. Composer: Nathan Matthew David. Audio Supervisors: Eddie Marquez, Michael Hayes, Andy Yip.