Winner 2012

Superstorm Sandy

ABC News

The predictions were good. Everyone knew the storm named Sandy would be big even if no one could predict just how big. ABC News prepared well, provided coverage as the storm hit and continued service in the aftermath. All news units played a role. With extraordinary foresight, producers Jim DuBreuil and Keturah Gray placed themselves in Breezy Point, Queens, before the storm hit. As the flooding began and fires became visible, the families they stayed with and interviewed realized the dangers facing them because they had refused to evacuate. Other reporters in other sites, such as Terry Moran in Seaside Heights, reported as the storm blasted and with their crews provided pictures of devastation as it happened. Elizabeth Vargas’ special report on 20/20 gave voice to nurses who had carried 20 babies to safety as NYU Hospital was evacuated. World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, the Good Morning America team and Nightline all continued to report on the aftermath and consequences of the storm. Excellent field reporting and specials were followed with a network-wide effort to solicit much-needed aid, and ABC’s efforts contributed to securing more than $18 million for the Red Cross. For bringing to bear all the massive resources of a major news organization, ABC News’ coverage of Superstorm Sandy receives a Peabody Award.


The staff of ABC News.