Winner 1986

Sunday Morning: Vladimir Horowitz

CBS News

In April of 1986 world renowned pianist Vladimir Horowitz returned to his native Russia to perform at the Moscow Conservatory. This was his first visit in more than 60 years. His concert was televised throughout much of Europe and Asia and was carried exclusively in this country on the CBS News Sunday Morning program. The response to this program amazed and excited even seasoned veterans. Subsequently the program was rebroadcast with equally exciting viewer response. It was the decision of the Peabody Board to recognize this important contribution to the annals of broadcasting. They wished to recognize not only the special talents which Mr. Horowitz brought, but also those of Peter Gelb (Co Executive Producer), William Moran (Producer), Ken Sable and Brian Large (Directors), and Charles Kuralt. Beyond this recognition, however, the Board wishes to use this occasion to salute the magnificent contributions which have been made through the years by Robert Northshield, Co Producer and Co Director of this program. “Shad” Northshield is, of course, a legend in his own time and his record of accomplishment is one of the most superb in broadcasting. For Sunday Morning: Vladmir Horowitz a Peabody award, with special reference to the contributions of Robert Northshield.