Winner 1983

Studebaker: Less Than They Promised


“Interesting, nostalgic and very entertaining.” “Well written and produced!” “Fast paced. A lot of information candy-coated with entertainment. Gets the viewer’s interest and holds it.” “When the hour is over the viewer won’t feel he has wasted his time.” These are some of the faculty pre-screening committees’ comments to the Peabody Board after the committee members had viewed Studebaker: Less Than They Promised. The Peabody Board looked, and looked, and looked. And, they agreed with these comments and added more of their own: “Excellent.” “Fascinating.” “Clearly a superior piece of work.” In this moving and instructive documentary, producer Scott Craig worked with Michael Beatty of WNIT-TV in Mishawaka, Indiana, who conceived the idea, served as co-producer and supplied much of the film. The result, which featured Walter Jacobson as narrator, documented the story of Studebaker and the effect which this giant auto-maker had upon families and individuals. It was, indeed, an exceptionally well-done effort and, for this, a Peabody Award.