Nominee 2021

Storm Lake

Whole Hog Films, LLC, ITVS, PBS, Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), Catapult Film Fund, Park Pictures, JustFilms | Ford Foundation

As small-town newspapers wither and die in the internet age, the family who runs The Storm Lake Times in Iowa does everything they can to keep local journalism alive. This inspiring tale shows how hard it is, even for a Pulitzer Prize-winning paper that’s nationally renowned because of its unusual power, thanks to the Iowa presidential caucuses.


Network/Station/Platform:  PBS. Executive Producers:  Katy Drake Bettner, Sam Bisbee, Pamela Tanner Boll, Sally Jo Fifer, Lois Vossen, Megan Gelstein, Jamie Wolf. Producer:  Beth Levison. Associate Producers:  Evan Neff, Lauren Evangelista, Jessica Bermingham. Directors:  Jerry Risius, Beth Levison. Editor:  Rachel Shuman. Co-Editor:  Leah Boatright. Photography:  Jerry Risius. Design and Technical Staff:  Work-Order. Sound/Music:  Andrew Bird, Alan Hampton.