Winner 1987

Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Big Good-Bye

Paramount Pictures Corporation

Star Trek has been part of the American television fabric for more than two decades. An attempt to make Star Trek: The Next Generation live up to the considerable reputation of the original was complicated by the fact that it would appear, not on the networks, but in first-run syndication. Rather than give in to the usual realities of “first-run”and produce a low budget, but profitable program, the producers chose instead to opt for the highest quality in writing, decor, acting, and, indeed, all facets of the production. In doing so, they have set a new standard of quality for first-run syndication and this is exemplified in the episode The Big Good-Bye. The Peabody Board has chosen to honor that episode and, in doing so, challenge the broadcast industry to provide the syndication market with programs of the highest quality. A Peabody to Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Big Good-Bye.