Winner 1950

ABC, Its President, Robert E. Kintner, and his associates, Robert Saudek and Joseph McDonald for Their Courageous Stand in Resisting Organized Pressures and Their Reaffirmation of Basic American Principles

ABC, Robert E. Kintner, President of ABC, Robert Saudek, Joseph McDonald

(Honorable Mention) At a time when radio stations and networks were either firing or refusing to hire writers and actors on the basis of the unsupported innuendoes contained in a publication known as Red Channels, Robert Kintner, president of ABC, and his associates, Robert Saudek and Joseph A. McDonald, refused to be stampeded into either action. Mr. Kintner publicly stated his faith in Gypsy Rose Lee, one of the entertainers mentioned in Red Channels, and kept her on the air despite an attempt by the American Legion to have her banned. The network, under Mr. Saudek, continued to air documentary programs on controversial subjects, specifically Clear and Present Dangers, a study of the loyalty probe.