Winner 1991

Soviets: Red Hot

Central Independent Television, Nottingham, England, WETA-TV, Washington, DC

In 1991 the world witnessed a second Russian Revolution, but the passion and dissent leading to the dramatic events of the August coup attempt and the Christmas Day dissolution of the Soviet Union had been simmering for years. Produced over a three year period by Latvian director, Yuris Podnieks, Soviets: Red Hot is a compelling documentary of a diverse population awakening politically, socially and spiritually after slumbering under decades of oppression. Remarkably honest images of life in the modern Soviet Union are juxtaposed with archival footage in an evocative portrait of a lost nation. With empathy for the people of this embattled empire, Soviets: Red Hot conveys to western audiences the depth of the Soviet Experience. To Central Independent Television, Nottingham, England; Public Broadcasting System Version by WETA-TV, Washington, D.C., a 1991 Peabody for Soviets: Red Hot.


Executive Producers: Roger James, Richard Richter. Producer: Yuris Podnieks. Writer/Director: Yuris Podnieks. Cast: Hedrick Smith.