Winner 2021

Sort Of

Sphere Media Toronto

Sabi is set on changing their life. They really should leave that part-time nanny job behind. They really should dump that homo-ish boyfriend of theirs. They really should move to Berlin with their BFF and start a newer, queerer life abroad. But then, as always, life gets in the way. Where by “life” we mean an accident that forces Sabi to choose the kids they nanny (and their hapless father who’d tried to fire Sabi days before and now struggles as his wife sinks into a coma) over their own brighter future. Is the choice one of comfort? Of convenience? Might it offer this Pakistani-Canadian would-be electrician a new lease on life, one centered, however improbably, on a nuclear family of sorts? Starring the delightful Bilal Baig, who co-created the show with Fab Filippo, Sort Of takes this somewhat simple sitcom-sounding premise and spins it into a dry-humored Millennial coming-into-one’s-own story. Sabi’s deadpan demeanor not only sets the tone for this CBC-produced comedy but it embodies the way the character wrestles with feeling outside of their own life, their aloofness having calcified into an armor they soon find melting away the more they open themselves up to the world around them. For its blazingly original comedic sensibility and its tender portrait of a queer nonbinary individual embracing the multitudes they contain within, Sort Of wins a Peabody Award.


Network/Station/Platform:  CBC/HBO Max. Creators:  Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo. Showrunners:  Bilal Baig and Fab Filippo. Executive Producers:  Jennifer Kawaja, Bruno Dubé, Julia Sereny, Bilal Baig, Fab Filippo. Associate Producers/Producers:  Elise Cousineau, Andrea Glinski, Daphne Park, Jessica Daniel, Laura Perlmutter. Directors:  Fab Filippo and Renuka Jeyapalan. Writers:  Bilal Baig, Fab Filippo, Jenn Engels, Nelu Handa, Ian Iqbal Rashid. Editors:  Sam Thomson, Omar Majeed, Craig Webster, Hugh Elchuk. Talent:  Bilal Baig. Photography:  Stephen Reizes. Design and Technical Staff:  Chris Crane. Cinematography:  Stephen Reizes. Sound By:  Daryl Purdy, Paul Germann, Martin Gwynn Jones, Nadya Hanlan, Graham Rogers, Rob Ainsley, Mike Kennedy, Kevin Schultz, Jenna Dalla Riva, Goro Koyama and Jeffrey Roy. Music By:  The Kount, Haviah Mighty, Gay Hollywood, Truss and Säye Skye.