Nominee 2022

Sort Of

HBO Max in association with Sphere Media and CBC (HBO Max)

This poignant comedy about nonbinary millennial Sabi, created by and starring Bilal Baig, turns in a second season that deepens relationships, widens Sabi’s world, and continues to deftly balance humor and pathos.


Creator/Showrunner: Bilal Baig, Fab Filippo. Executive Producer: Perlmutter. Associate Producer/Producer: Jessica Daniel. Director: Fab Filippo, Joyce Wong, J Stevens. Writer: Geronimo Rondot. Editor: Marianna Khoury, Hugh Elchuk, Sam Thomson. Talent/Reporters/Correspondent: Bilal Baig, Gray Powell, Amanda Cordner, Ellora Patnaik, Supinder Wraich, Kaya Kanashiro, Aden Bedard, Becca Blackwell, Dhirendra, Raymond Cham Jr., Cassandra James, Scott Thompson, Grace Lynn Kung, Amanda Brugel. Design and Technical Staff: Ingrid Jurek, Crystal Silden. Cinematography: Matt Irwin. Sound/Music: 5 Point Diamonds.