Winner 2009

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson: Covering Afghanistan

National Public Radio

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson’s reports from Afghanistan allow listeners to realize how narrow the parameters of American television coverage can be. Nelson, NPR’s Afghan bureau chief, is multi-lingual and omni-curious. One day she may enlighten listeners about the “creative” ways Kabul residents keep precious electricity flowing to their homes, another day she could be in a remote village trying to sort out whether civilian deaths in a battle were caused by the Taliban or U.S. troops. Her stories are especially strong on issues affecting Afghan women. They range from accounts of adults boldly seeking public office to those dealing with teens trying to get an education without getting assaulted or killed. For bringing life in this crucial region into sharper perspective with varied and vivid reporting, Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson: Covering Afghanistan receives a Peabody Award.


Reporter: Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson. Senior Editor: Loren Jenkins. Editor: Douglas Roberts.