Somebody Somewhere

HBO in association with Duplass Brothers Productions and The Mighty Mint

Meet Sam Miller, a smart, cynical 40-something Kansas native who reluctantly returns to her midwestern hometown following the death of her older sister. There she is forced to face the challenges of loss and grief with the help of a community of quirky outsiders drawn together by a shared desire to find meaning and acceptance in the unlikeliest of places. This is the premise of Somebody Somewhere, an HBO comedy/drama starring comedian, writer, and cabaret performer Bridget Everett. Based on events from Everett’s own life, the series deftly explores bittersweet themes of family, friendship, and self-reinvention. Co-created by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen, the series’ second season builds on the critical acclaim of its premiere season, continuing to interweave multiple engrossing storylines with razor-sharp dialogue and ribald comedic insight. Supported by an ensemble cast of heartfelt characters who are as flawed as they are endearing, and grounded by Everett’s powerfully understated performance as Sam, Somebody Somewhere discovers moments of authentic tenderness in the painful absurdities of the human condition. For its combination of pathos and hilarity, we recognize Somebody Somewhere with a Peabody award.


Creator: Hannah Bos, Paul Thureen. Showrunners: Hannah Bos, Paul Thureen. Executive Producers: Bridget Everett, Carolyn Strauss, Mark Duplass, Jay Duplass, Mel Eslyn, Hannah Bos, Paul Thureen, Tyler Romary. Producer: Shuli Harel. Directors: Jay Duplass, Lennon Parham, Robert Cohen. Writers: Hannah Bos, Paul Thureen, Bridget Everett, Rachel Axler, Lisa Kron. Editors: Chris Donlon, Al Levine, Sam Seig, ACE. Talent: Bridget Everett, Jeff Hiller, Mary Catherine Garrison, Murray Hill, Jane Drake Brody. Cinematography: Shana Hagan, ASC. Sound/Music: Amanda Jones.