Winner 1998

Sisterhood of Hope

WHAS Radio

After the lives of her husband and infant daughter had been claimed by AIDS, Teresa Case faced a terrifying and lonely future. In her hometown she found few support services for women and children with HIV/AIDS. In 1991, Ms. Case turned her own living room into a support center for women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. As a symbol of the commitment, Ms. Case and seven friends in similar circumstances each placed $5 in the center of a holiday dinner table, and the House of Ruth was born. WHAS reporter Mary Jeffries spent several months documenting the lives of the founders of the ministry and the many residents of Louisville it has touched and helped. Today, the House of Ruth provides food, shelter, transportation, and most of all, loving support and spirituality for HIV/AIDS-infected women in crisis. In this powerful program, reporter Mary Jeffries and news director Brian Rublein pay tribute to the determination of these women to find hope in even the most hopeless of situations. Through the House of Ruth, countless women and their families have found salvation and have set aside their thoughts of suicide and hopelessness. Through this outstanding radio report, that message has been brought to an entire community. For Sisterhood of Hope, a Peabody Award.