Winner 2000

Sharing the Secret

Robert Greenwald Productions, Inc., distributed by Pearson Television, International

The story of a teenage girl with an eating disorder is a familiar television theme. But Sharing the Secret, with its searing portrayals of a mother and daughter affected by the teenager’s bulimia, is fresh and special. Written by Lauren Currier, produced by Philip Kleinbart, and directed by Katt Shea, this sensitive depiction of their relationship avoids sensationalism and presents the daughter’s condition clearly and powerfully. The drama is marked by exceptional acting, especially from Alison Lohman, who, as Beth, tries to cope through late night bingeing with the pressures of divorce, school, and the changes in her rail-thin, adolescent body. Rounding out this extraordinary cast are award-winning actress Mare Winningham as Beth’s mother and therapist Dr. Nina Moss, and Tim Matheson as Winningham’s ex-husband, John. Through Sharing the Secret, executive producers Laurie Goldstein, Robert Greenwald, and Kimberly Rubin convey a commanding, straightforward message to parents and teenagers alike about the destructive nature of teen eating disorders and open doors to dialogue about their causes and effects as well as their effective treatment. For an impressive, moving, and candid portrait of a teenager in crisis that ultimately promotes dialogue and presents hope to families everywhere, a Peabody Award goes to Sharing the Secret.