Winner 2009

Sesame Workshop

Bright and colorful, with Bird Bird and other animated Muppet characters taking turns cheerfully greeting visitors, is a beautifully realized extension of the celebrated PBS children’s series into the Internet age. The website brings together a wide array of weekly updated, interactive content for preschoolers. The possibilities are enormous. With or without parental guidance, for this is a secure, safe site, visitors can select from nearly 500 Flash-based games that have been created to help toddlers and preschoolers learn their letters, numbers and more. Or they can watch Sesame Street videos, both classic and new. More than 3,000 are available, and some have been modified into games that enable children to interact directly with them. There’s even a section for parents and caregivers with advice on everything from potty training to coping with trauma. For taking a fabled television concept to a new dimension, receives a Peabody Award.


Executive Producer: Miles Ludwig. Creative Director/Head Writer: Jason Milligan. Senior Producer: Johanna Egger. Producers: Alison Folino, Tina Moglia. Supervising Producer: Glace Chou. Director, Online Projects: Jessica Yin. Art Director: Russell Zambito. Editor: Meghann Artes.