Winner 2006


Touchstone Television

Scrubs is so lively, so supercharged with quirky characterizations, imaginative editing, sight gags, musical asides and visualized daydreams, that it often seems more like a human “Loony Tunes” than a sitcom. Six seasons into its run, Bill Lawrence’s hellzapoppin’ hospital comedy’s creative pulse is as vital as ever. This was evidenced particularly by “My Way Home,” a sly, circuitous homage to The Wizard of Oz in which two of Sacred Heart Hospital’s young doctors doubt their brains and courage, respectively, while a third vies to assist in his first heart transplant. A fourth just tries to reclaim his day off. Scrubs’ writers, directors and multi-talented actors are unsurpassed at somersaulting between surreal zaniness and bittersweet drama with grace and precision. For fearlessly smashing traditional comic formulas, all the while respecting the deepest emotional and moral issues of its life-and-death setting, Scrubs receives a Peabody Award.


Executive producers: Bill Lawrence (also director), Bill Callahan (also writer), Garrett Donovan & Neil Goldman (also writers), Tim Hobert, Tad Quill (also writer). Co-executive producer: Mike Schwartz (also writer). Supervising producers: Debra Fordham, Janae Bakken (also writer), Mark Stegemann (also writer). Producer: Liz Newman. Produced by: Randall Winston (also director). Consulting producers: Angela Nissel, Tim Hobert (also writer), Gabrielle Allan. Co-producer: Danny Rose. Writers: Debra Fordham, Angela Nissel, Eric Weinberg, Aseem Batra, Kevin Biegel, Clarence Livingston. Directors: John Inwood, Rick Blue, Gail Mancuso, John Putch, Michael Spiller, Victor Nelli Jr., Rob Greenberg, Chris Koch, James Alaimo, Adam Bernstein, Ken Whittingham, Will Mackenzie, John Michel, Joanna Kerns, Linda Mendoza, Richard Alexander Wells. Cast: Zach Braff (also director), Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Ken Jenkins, Judy Reyes, Neil Flynn.