Winner 1994

Schizophrenia: Voices of an Illness

Lichtenstein Creative Media

A powerful and personal documentary narrated by Jason Robards, Schizophrenia: Voices of an Illness explores this disorder through the voices of its sufferers. Those afflicted with schizophrenia detail its onset, diagnosis, treatment, and social stigma. The importance of medical research and recent breakthroughs underscore these tales of the disease, as well as efforts to increase public awareness and knowledge. Eighteen months of work by producer Bill Lichtenstein, with assistant producers Lisa Moran and John Sebastian, resulted in an exceptional document which chronicles the realities of this little-understood disorder and makes important information accessible. For an extraordinary effort which created unprecedented national dialogue on this serious psychiatric illness, a Peabody to Lichtenstein Creative Media for Schizophrenia: Voices of an Illness.