Winner 1994



The new techniques and technologies of television news make it possible for local stations to cover international events in a way which was previously impossible. Today, it is not uncommon for stations in large cities to send their anchors and reporters to the scene of major international news stories. It is uncommon, however, when that reporting reaches the level of excellence and commitment demonstrated by this series of reports. When news director Milt Weiss sent anchor Richard Brown, producer Elissa Rubin, and cameraman George Lang to Africa to cover the Rwandan nightmare, neither he nor the viewing audience could have anticipated the impact of their reports. The stories and images captured by the KGO news team are among the most powerful to emerge from this devastating civil war. In fact, they helped galvanize public response and raise nearly $200,000 to date for Rwandan relief. For local television news of admirable aspirations and achievement, a Peabody to KGO-TV News for Rwanda.