Rotary and AIDS: The Los Altos Story

Los Altos Rotary Club, Los Altos, California, Young Visions, Inc., Los Angeles, California

Production of this program, which was telecast nationally on the Financial News Network, was, from the start, controversial within the Rotary Club of Los Altos, California. The President-elect of the club suddenly came face to face with the reality of AIDS when he learned that his son had contracted the disease. He determined that he would do what he could to try to insure that others did not have to face such a crisis alone. Growing out of this was a prize-winning documentary which saw Rotary Club members struggle against the reality of AIDS and their own preconceptions. Funded through the efforts of the club, the program eventually reached a national audience, including people who also once thought that AIDS is “someone else’s problem.” Producer Robin Young, of Young Visions Inc., and members of the Los Altos Rotary Club have given us the first Rotary-associated Peabody in the 51 years of Peabody history.