Winner 1983

Romeo and Juliet on Ice

CBS Entertainment, Smith-Hemion Productions

The CBS Festival of Lively Arts for Young People is a series which reflects credit not only upon CBS Entertainment but upon the hundreds who make this series a reality. With the kind of reputation the series has achieved it is no wonder that the Peabody Board wanted to take a close look at Romeo and Juliet on Ice. What they found was a production that was innovative, was beautifully produced, and was certain to get children interested in learning more. Much of the credit goes to the lovely and talented Dorothy Hamill, who not only starred as Juliet but, as narrator, related the classic story of the ill-fated lovers. She was more than amply supported by the performances of Toller Cranston and Brian Pockar. Credit is also due to the two executive producers: Dwight Hemion and Gary Smith. Recognition is also highly deserved by Rob Iscove who directed the performance with a finesse which gave viewers a truly superb experience. To this fine effort a Peabody Award for most extraordinary excellence.