Winner 1995

Road Scholar

Public Policy Productions, Inc., in association withThirteen/WNET, New York, New York, presented on PBS

In this personal journey, poet and commentator Andrei Codrescu set off in a bright red 1968 Cadillac to look for America. Beginning at the Statue of Liberty, his cross-country odyssey took him to Detroit, Chicago, Denver, Santa Fe, Las Vegas and San Francisco. The result was a mixture of Jack Kerouac and Charles Kuralt – a series of off-beat reports which revealed a country marked by diversity and eccentricity. Producer and director Roger Weisberg, and co-director and cinematographer Jean de Segonzac have crafted an eloquent personal testimony to the meaning of the First Amendment to all Americans. With equal doses of wit and wisdom, the insights of the redoubtable Mr. Codrescu remind us why so many aspire, as he did, to start a new life on American soil. For so doing, a Peabody to Public Policy Productions in association with Thirteen/WNET for Road Scholar.