Interactive 2018

Return of the Obra Dinn

3909 LLC

“Return of the Obra Dinn” places the player upon the titular ship and tasks them with discovering what has happened to the ship’s crew and passengers, all of whom have died or disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Designed by Lucas Pope and published by 3909 LLC, “Obra Dinn” entices the player to solve mysteries through its stunning and distinct visual style, which takes inspiration from early 1-bit Macintosh games and its gameplay mechanics. Through the use of the Memento Mortem pocket watch, the player is able to return to the moments before a crew member’s death, using clues to piece together how each person onboard died. “Obra Dinn” constructs a masterful mystery that engages users with the narrative every step of the way. Everything—from the game’s atmosphere, to its art, to the way it constructs the story—comes together in a unique narrative experience.