Winner 2011

Fareed Zakaria GPS: Interpretation and Commentary on Iran and The GPS Primetime Special: Restoring the American Dream—Fixing Education


Since 2008, Fareed Zakaria GPS has explored, examined and analyzed the “Global Public Square.” Zakaria has interviewed an astounding array of influential public figures: authors, political leaders, journalists and academics. With wide-ranging background knowledge and a keen sense of the immediately important, he engages these guests in a manner that provides viewers with rich and nuanced perspectives. In 2011, two instances exemplified the most effective application of these strategies. In a series of commentaries and interviews, including one with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamadinejad, Zakaria offered an in-depth look at Iran, its relations with the rest of the world and the political and cultural life within the country. Taking on a very different task, he turned attention to the American educational system. Again, the focus expanded to a “global” perspective as he compared American educational practices to those in Japan and Finland. Those countries apply very different practices from one another, yet achieve results significantly higher than the United States. Zakaria’s key question “What can America learn?” remains to some degree unanswered, but raising the question is an important first step. For covering global issues in a manner that shows their true importance for viewers throughout the world, a Peabody Award is presented to Fareed Zakaria GPS: Interpretation and Commentary on Iran and The GPS Primetime Special: Restoring the American Dream—Fixing Education.


Executive Producer: Tom Goldstone. Senior Producer: Ravi Agrawal. Editorial Producer: Sujata Thomas. Producers: Dan Logan (Fixing Education), Maite Amorebieta (Interpretation and Commentary), Mona Lisa Mouallem (Interpretation and Commentary). Field Producer: Kathryn McFarlane (Fixing Education), Shirzad Bozorgmehr (Interpretation and Commentary), Jiyeon Lee (Fixing Education). Associate Producers: Jessica Gutteridge, Adam Levy (Interpretation and Commentary). Freelance Associate Producer: Rachelle Hoffman (Fixing Education). Director: Daniel Figueroa. Researcher: John Cookson. Photographers: Claudia Otto (Interpretation and Commentary), Neil Bennett (Interpretation and Commentary), Simon Payne (Interpretation and Commentary), Jeff King (Fixing Education), David Hawley, (Fixing Education), Neil Hallsworth (Fixing Education). Engineers: Mark Farmer (Interpretation and Commentary), Simon Scott (Interpretation and Commentary). Editors: Alfred DiSanti (Fixing Education), Nate Little (Interpretation and Commentary), Matt Moskowitz (Interpretation and Commentary), Kent Healey (Interpretation and Commentary). Production Assistants: Zachary Sonenshine, Mackenzie Sigalos. Sound: Des Garrison (Fixing Education). Lighting Designers: Niel Galen, Adam Gabel. Host and Correspondent: Fareed Zakaria