Winner 2012

Rapido y Furioso (Fast & Furious)

Univision Network

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ covert scheme to sell guns to Mexican drug traffickers and monitor their whereabouts came to light in the United States and sparked outrage after a Border Patrol agent was killed by smugglers with one of the weapons. Univision News’ graphic report, taking its title from the “gun-walking” program’s nickname, explores the bloody impact of the ill-conceived ATF program inside Mexico, including a cartel-ordered massacre using “Fast and Furious” weapons that left 14 teenagers dead at a birthday party. Univision’s investigative team also documented 57 previously unreported ATF weapons that turned up at crime scenes and exposed similarly problematic ATF programs in Colombia, Honduras and Puerto Rico. For enlarging public knowledge of the ATF’s program and adding the perspective of the country most tragically affected, Rapido y Furioso (Fast and Furious) receives a Peabody Award.


Directors: Daniel Coronell, Gerardo Reyes, Jairo Marin. Senior Producer: Margarita Rabin. Managers: Maria Martinez Henao, Keith Summa, Jeannette Casal Miranda, Porfirio Patiño. Talent: Jorge Ramos, Gerardo Reyes, Maria Antonieta Collins, Tifani Roberts, Mariana Atencio. Producers: Tomas Ocana, Casto Ocando, Vytenis Didziulis. Associate Producers: Wilnelia Thompson, Guadalupe Alvarez. Photographers: Luis Donadio, Scott Monaghan, Jorge Alvarez,
Jorge Vasquez, Miguel Carrillo, Juan Carlos Guzman, Hugo Ballesteros. Editors: Maria Pinon, Gisela Saez, Hector Gomez Lopez, Roberto Couto, Guillermo Florez, Lazaro Blanco, Hugo Ballesteros.