Nominee 2021

Radiotopia Presents: S***hole Country

Radiotopia from PRX

Radiotopia’s eight-part series features a young Bay Area woman, Afia Kaakyire, as she grapples with an intriguing dilemma: Should she move to her parents’ homeland of Ghana, where they’ll put her up in an apartment in their complex rent-free, or keep struggling to make ends meet as a creative worker in a vastly overpriced rental market in a country grappling with its racist past (and present)?


Network/Station/Platform:  Radiotopia/podcast platforms. Creator:  Afia Kaakyire (anonymous creator). Executive Producer:  Julie Shapiro, Audrey Mardavich. Producers:  Afia Kaakyire, Mark Pagán. Writer:  Afia Kaakyire. Narrator:  Afia Kaakyire. Sound Design:  Afia Kaakyire. Theme Music:  Ria Boss. Cover Art:  Sindiso Nyoni.