Interactive 2018

Queerskins: A love story

Written by Illya Szilak; Designed and developed by Cyril Tsiboulski

“Queerskins” is a four-episode cinematic virtual reality experience created by new media artist Illya Szilak and creative director Cyril Tsiboulski. Together, with the help of actors, panoramic photographers, volumetric technology, the “Queerskins” creative team brings to life the LGBTQ story about a complex relationship between a devoutly Catholic mother and her gay son who died of AIDS. Currently, the experience consists of an interactive online experience as well as VR experiences (with more episodes forthcoming). A vital narrative about memory, belief and imagination, “Queerskins” represents an approaching era which rightfully demands diversity and understanding between people. This is a story of humanity, not politics, that provides an overwhelming glimpse into a future of answering important questions by means of immersive technology.


Author: Illya Szilak. Designer/Developer: Cyril Tsiboulski. Producer: Kathleen Fox. Cast: Hadley Boyd, Drew Moore, Michael DeBartolo.