Winner 1981

Project: China


A Peabody Award is presented to KJRH-TV, Tulsa, Oklahoma, for Project: China. Six Tulsa high school students went on an eight-week field trip to Xiamen, China, located just a stone’s throw from Taiwan. They studied the Chinese language at Xiamen University, the first Americans ever invited there. KJRH-TV’s expert camera crew went with them to capture the feeling, the impressions and the thoughts of these students. This adventure into international understanding provides captivating television. The narrator never takes the story away from the teenagers. He simply interprets the settings, the moods, and the information as seen through the eyes of these young Americans. Production and content are excellent and this is a highly impressive local television effort. The students and the station’s staff all deserve praise for Project: China and Tulsa’s KJRH-TV richly deserves this Peabody Award.