Winner 1983

Prisoner Without a Name, Cell Without a Number

Chrysalis-Yellen Productions, NBC Television

A dramatic re-creation of the imprisonment and ultimate release of journalist Jacobo Timerman in Argentina, this made-for-television film is worthy of Peabody recognition for many reasons. First, it is a stunning technical achievement. Its location and interior cinematography have a lustre rarely seen in non-theatrical releases. The performances, most notably Roy Scheider in the lead and Liv Ullmann as Mrs. Timerman, are exceptional. The lighting, editing, and costuming are equally superb. More important is the film’s treatment of politically sensitive subject matter. The Peabody Board recognizes that it is rare when television movies address political issues. It is even more rare when such issues are handled with the delicacy and precision exhibited in this program. For dramatizing the effects of one journalist’s commitment to truth not only on himself, but upon his family and the world community as well, a Peabody Award to Chrysalis-Yellen Productions and NBC.