Winner 2007

Planet Earth

Discovery Channel, BBC

From the darkest caves of New Zealand, where glow worms use their lights to lure insects to threads of mucus, to the plains of Mongolia, where approximately two million gazelle convene in vast grasslands to give birth, Planet Earth invites us to look at our world with childlike wonderment. Using the most advanced filmmaking techniques, photographers spent five years in over 200 locations capturing breathtaking images in those corners of our planet still unmarked by humans. The payoff is truly remarkable. Stunning cinematography and enlightening narration guide the viewer through an experience that can startle even the most devoted nature-watcher. Aerial photography captures the grand scale of the world’s deserts, while time-lapse cameras allow us to witness first-hand the intricacies of plant life. Planet Earth not only takes us to places we only dream of going, but through its majestic presentation of our world, encourages us to rethink our role within it. For its groundbreaking application of high-definition cinematography and its ability to bring forth the undiscovered, Planet Earth receives a Peabody Award.


Executive producers: Alastair Fothergill, Maureen Lemire. Producers/Directors/Writers: Vanessa Berlowitz, Mark Brownlow, Huw Cordey, Jonny Keeling, Mark Linfield. Producer: Shannon Malone. Writer: Gary Parker. Videographers: Doug Allan, Doug Anderson, Barrie Britton, Richard Burton, Martyn Colbeck, Rod Clark, Ted Giffords, Michael Kelem, Justin Maguire, Shane Moore, Ian McCarthy, Tim Shepherd, Warwick Sloss.