Winner 1990

Peter Jennings Reporting: Guns

ABC News

Few national issues seem to grip the American public as strongly as the argument over the right to own guns, particularly assault weapons with a high degree of firepower. Peter Jennings and the ABC News organization have produced a special which, in the opinion of the members of the Peabody Board, set a benchmark for excellence. With a total broadcast time of some 150 minutes this report looked at guns, including who does the shooting, who dies and what happens when you try to have it stopped. In the debate which followed the documentary portion of the program, persons representing virtually all of the controversial spectrum took part. It was a fine hour for Peter Jennings and his talented associates who included Tom Yellin (Executive Producer) and Craig Leake (Producer/Director). For this a Peabody goes to Peter Jennings Reporting: Guns.


Executive Producer: Tom Yellin. Producer: Craig Leake. Director: Craig Leake. Reporter: Peter Jennings. Writers: Peter Jennings, Craig Leake, Tom Yellin.