Individual 1966

Personal Award: Tom John for “Death of a Salesman,” “Color Me Barbra,” and “The Strollin’ Twenties”

CBS Television

In a medium where the visual elements are predominant, one of the most vital talents is that of the art director and set designer. In this field, the artistry of Tom John provided an imaginative background for both performers and playwrights in three splendid television programs in 1966: Death of a Salesman, Color Me Barbra, and The Strollin’ Twenties*. In recognition, a Peabody Special Award. *The least well-known of the three specials cited, The Strollin’ Twenties was a musical remembrance of Harlem in its heyday featuring Duke Ellington, Sammy Davis Jr., Diahann Carroll, Nipsey Russell and Joe Williams. Harry Belafonte produced.