Individual 1984

Personal Award: Roone Arledge

Contributions to the broadcasting industry take many forms and each person who makes contributions may do so in many different ways. As the Peabody Board considered recognition for contributions to the industry there was no shortage of qualified candidates. This has been a year in which many have made substantial contributions. The name of Roone Arledge, President of ABC News and Sports came into the discussion again and again. There was mention of the role he played in making the coverage of the Summer Olympics so exceptionally well done. His role in bringing ABC to the forefront in national news coverage came up. His personal commitment to high ethical standards, his leadership both within his own company and to the industry in general were noted, and, before the discussion had concluded it was evident that Roone Arledge’s contributions in 1984—and earlier—should be recognized with a personal Peabody Award. For all of these things an award to Roone Arledge.