Individual 1973

Personal Award: Peter Lisagor

A successful detente between the printed media and broadcast journalism has now emerged after early years of hostility, suspicion and at times, open warfare. A most distinguished symbol of this accommodation is Peter Lisagor, Chief of the Washington Bureau of the Chicago Daily News. Mr. Lisagor is a regular panelist on the weekly Agronsky and Company program which has a Washington origination of a discussion by well-known newspaper correspondents. This program is developing rapidly into network status. Mr. Lisagor is a regular panelist on Public Television’s Washington Week in Review, broadcast on that entire network. He is also a twice-a-week radio commentator on Group W (Westinghouse Broadcasting Company) stations. Mr. Lisagor frequently appears as a panelist on Meet the Press (NBC), Face the Nation (CBS), and on occasions, special broadcasts. All of this in addition to a full-time assignment as a working Washington correspondent. He is a master of incisive interrogation, but characterizes himself as “a working stiff, a shoe leather man.” No idealogue, Peter Lisagor adheres to the philosophy of an old editor who “once told me walk down the middle of the street and shoot the windows out on both sides.” A Peabody Award to Peter Lisagor for his distinctive contribution to the pursuit of truth both in print and on the air.