Individual 1990

Personal Award: Paul and Holly Fine

At its best, 60 Minutes brings topics of critical importance to its vast weekly audience with a sense of urgency, immediacy and personal impact. It is more than coincidental that many of these moments, have been produced by the team of Paul and Holly Fine. Beginning in local television in Washington D.C., now a long-time member of the CBS News organization, the Fines have infused their work with honesty, integrity and humanity. Somehow, Paul and Holly Fine have the ability to make their subjects forget the intrusive and unwieldy presence of cameras, correspondents and crews, producing moments of feeling and emotion rarely found on commercial television. In 1990, their touch was deftly revealed in Ward 5A, an intimate visit to a critical care unit for AIDS victims. For producing topical television in a tender and personal way, a Peabody Award to Paul and Holly Fine.