Individual 1985

Personal Award: Lawrence Fraiberg

“A lifetime of stewardship to great broadcasting.” This is the phrase used by a member of the Peabody Board in describing Larry Fraiberg. Here is a person who has shunned the limelight but has not shunned the responsibility of taking his chosen vocation seriously in an effort to serve the needs of the public in whatever role he found himself. Larry has, in a very real sense, been “the broadcaster’s broadcaster.” He has taken the mandate to serve the public interest as a personal credo and has applied this standard throughout his career. In recognizing Larry Fraiberg, the Board is, in a sense, recognizing hundreds of committed individuals who have given their lives to broadcasting and who have made the American system of broadcasting the best in the world. A personal Peabody to Larry Fraiberg for his very real devotion to what he believed to be the best, not for himself, but for the public he has served.