Individual 1992

Personal Award: Fred Rogers

In honoring Fred Rogers for a quarter-century of “beautiful days in the neighborhood,” we present his own words, summarizing his philosophy of television: “Just like a refrigerator or stove, television is seen by children as something their parents provide. In a young child’s mind, then, parents condone what’s on the television set, just like they choose what‘s in the refrigerator or on the stove! That’s why we who make television for children must be especially careful with what we produce, with the people we present and with the attitudes we show in television relationships—attitudes of respect, kindness, healthy curiosity, determination, and love . . . just as parents would want for their children.” Thank you Mister Rogers, for teaching us a little about life each day, and for reminding us that the power of television rests not so much in those who produce it as in the impressionable and inquisitive minds and hearts of its smallest consumers. We are proud to add the Peabody Award to your ever-growing list of accomplishments and accolades.