Individual 1969

Personal Award: Frank Reynolds


Frank Reynolds, after a career of many years as a hard-core newsman and reporter, became in 1968 an anchorman of ABC Evening News, which he shares five nights each week with his distinguished colleague, Peabody Award winner Howard K. Smith. Thus a fresh and engaging personality has emerged as a genuine major leaguer. Besides organizing, writing and planning this nightly news show, Frank Reynolds adds trenchant and pertinent commentary which is clearly labeled as such. Consistently such commentaries are finely wrought jewels of precision—provocative and stimulating to listeners, reflecting a unique insight on the issues of the day and giving voice to the courageous convictions of the author. For his versatility as a newsman and analyst of critical and controversial events, Mr. Reynolds clearly merits the Peabody Award for TV news. This engrosses him as a valued member of the select company of some of his illustrious colleagues and his distinguished predecessors. In brief, there is a quality in Frank Reynolds’ work that is reminiscent of Elmer Davis. No higher commendation could be uttered. In recognition, a Peabody Award for television news.